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The Time of a Moment

We experience a day through the eyes of Ida, a 72-year-old widow living with dementia. After the death of her husband Louis, her condition has rapidly worsened. She lives alone in their small flat on the 20th floor of a high-rise in a big city. This place holds many of their memories - some already forgotten, others soon to be lost. The Time of a Moment is a magical story about transformation, loneliness and loss, but above all about love.

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The Time of a Moment still
DirectorsKate Voet
Victor Maes
ProducersCassette for Timescapes
An Oost
Emmy Oost
ArtworkTal Kantor
Creative TechnologistWim Wouters at Poppins & Wayne

Selections Venice Gap Financing Market 2023
New Images XR Development Market 2023
Stereopsia Booster program 2022
VR Days Immersive Funding Market 2021
Torino Short Film Market VR Series 2020
The Time of a Moment still

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